Rip Grip Pro - Softball



Instantly Improve Your Swing!

By lifting your top two fingers, the Rip Grip Pro will help you:

- Keep the barrel in the zone longer

- Reduce roll overs by forcing you to pull through contact

- One size fits all

The Rip Grip Pro is intended to be worn on your top hand to lift the index and middle fingers away from the bat. This causes the batter to rely on the gripping strength of the ring and pinky fingers during the swing. The result is that the bat is pulled and rotated through the swing, rather than “pushed” by a grip where all of the fingers are gripping the bat.

It will create the “palm up, palm down” theory longer through the zone. Because of this, the batter may be achieve faster rotation of the bat around the wrist as the pivot point, meaning the barrel of the bat is traveling faster when it makes contact with the softball. *All sales are final

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Reduces roll overs and top spin by forcing you to pull through contact.

Gets your barrel into the zone quicker & keeps it there longer.

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